Pre diagnosis behaviours that raised alarm bells!

As previously mentioned in my ‘How do you come to terms that your child is different?’ post, here I would like to share the different types of behaviours that my youngest daughter displayed which I considered to be unusual in comparison to the behaviours of my elder two girls as they were growing up.  

So where to begin, there were so many that I needed to compile a list! Yes, another list and this was going to be a very long one! I started this list in September 2014 (and regularly updated it for a year as things began to unfold further) when my daughter was just 6yrs old and actually ended up using this as tangible evidence to base my concerns on which I ultimately shared with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

For me personally, I started by trying to put behaviours into different categories, just to try and get my head around it all! Please find below my ACTUAL list (so please excuse it’s basic, crude layout and terminology! – it gets meatier the further down you go):

‘What makes my daughter different’:


  • Over emotional – has never cried when physically hurt (unless really serious ie eyebrow split open) but will cry uncontrollably if she suspects she has a splinter for example. Unless I had witnessed an injury, she would never seek comfort – however can be excessively over emotional over the smallest of things ie a rough toe nail
  • Worrier – dying is the typical concern at present (increasingly obsessed with ‘losing blood’ and ‘dying’) – always (daily) has something wrong ie tummy ache, head ache, leg hurts and always needs to know if someone ‘has had it before?’, ‘what will happen?’ etc – also obsessed with health issues (on a daily basis) ie what if I need my tonsils out? Have you had this tummy ache – what will happen if? Have you had this – what will happen in? – it’s constant
  • Negative behaviour cannot be consistently linked to a trigger – random reactions –still current – however almost guaranteed if an instruction has to be carried out and it is something she does not want to do or indeed if you don’t carry out her every demand
  • Will respond better to instruction if it is presented in a calm manner
  • Historically inappropriately prolonged kissing ie would kiss her good night and have to prise myself away from her lips) – explained the inappropriateness
  • Will tell a complete stranger her whole life story and not be boundaried about providing personal information – always has done  
  • No stranger danger awareness
  • Sings randomly but regularly/constantly (has a real talent with tone – great singer, but often too loud and persistent even if told its inappropriate timing) – occurs even in meltdown
  • Silly dances at inappropriate times ie in the supermarket (drawing attention to herself) – this still occurs, however it is more likely that she will run off either calmly or in defiance with no thought to risk
  • Has recently become apparent that she finds it difficult to be ‘cornered’ to enable listening – has a ‘flight’ reaction -–still current – becoming increasingly risky – recently tried to abscond out of school – runs off in shops – increasingly frequent/risky (ie running off up the road when she was unable to have a slush puppy) – still current and have recently had our first public meltdown when she ran off up the road, crossing a small road without looking/caring


  • Lack of awareness of personal space
  • Constantly revolves around food and mealtimes  
  • Picks at skin ie chin, thumb, toes – Daily chews her toe nails (at every opportunity will have her toe in her mouth), picks scabs (despite bleeding – no pain felt)–still current – at every opportunity will be ‘picking’ she will have her toe in her mouth and be chewing – will create an injury/scab by constant picking
  • Face pulling ie raises eyebrows at unrelated times
  • Asked if it’s ‘because she is different’ that she ‘can burp repetitively’
  • Always been bigger than her peers – aged 6, in 12/13yr old clothing – appears unable to lose weight despite healthier eating
  • Often cartwheels/handstands – in kitchen, supermarkets, car parks etc
  • Often gets agitated because she is ‘itchy’ (all over)
  • Following meltdowns will regularly say that she has a head ache and feels sick – recently I asked (immediately post meltdown) whether she ‘feels sick when she gets angry?’, K’s response: ‘lots!’ ­ – still current and recently acknowledged that her ‘tummy feels funny’ prior to panic attack before taking off in a plane
  • Had a few consecutive evenings where she hasn’t been asleep before 10/11pm – more regularly than not, she is still awake at 11pm (and still awake early, apart from a school day, at around 7am) – still current but usually not settled until 11pm/midnight and has recently had meltdowns that haven’t started until nearly 11pm (lasting an hour)
  • Will often make herself ‘gag’ by putting her fingers down her throat because something ‘feels funny’
  • Will often make noises with her mouth ie sounds like she is chewing her cheek and sucking her teeth simultaneously
  • Often says she is hot when it’s cold and vice versa
  • Poor hygiene becoming an increasing issue Ie will avoid shower, doing her teeth, changing clothes at every opportunity

Communication and Language

  • Repetitive questioning – repeats 6-8 times without drawing breathe for a response  – still current, often the same question over and over but also sometimes where she asks interlinked questions
  • Constant excessive talking – ie will ask a dozen or more different questions in the space of one minute (all the time) ie 14 different questions whilst I apply my make up, unable to go to the toilet without being asked several questions – still current and very dominant of any conversation in any form of company  – still current and often won’t even allow me to speak and gets angry if I do when she has told me to ‘shut up’
  • Flits from one topic to another (all in the same breath!)
  • Will often say something ‘doesn’t make sense’ even it is a simple statement/observation
  • Recently mixes up her words or can’t say a particular phrase ie ‘pants my laugh off’  – will sometimes say ‘ooh I can’t spit it out’


  • Random unrelated comments at inappropriate times ie being pulled up for being cheeky/rude and becoming over emotional but then a split second later randomly asking, ‘is it wed tomorrow?’ – even during meltdown
  • Saying random things to her aunt ie ‘that Grandma had told her that if there are too many babies in the world, all you have to do is stamp on them’ (approx 5yrs old)
  • Always claims she is hungry – despite having just eaten ie if had a late breakfast at the weekend, would be asking for something else because ‘it’s lunchtime or dinner time’ (time conscious) – (has been suggested by Tier 4 CAMHS that this may be a sensory need)
  • Constantly/always denies things despite clear evidence to the contrary – never her fault and will state this even if not asked
  • Will often state ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’, when asked possibly something unrelated
  • It helps to make tasks a challenge/race ie I bet I can get in the shower before you – this is now less effective but does work sometimes
  • Lack of concern for consequence (but reward systems she does like, despite these rewards she doesn’t appear to have much consideration for these if in a ‘negative mood’) – consequences don’t impact/change behaviours
  • Lack of respect for authority figures. School have recently stated that the refusal to follow instruction has escalated to members of staff not previously effected  – is regularly both physically and verbally aggressive to myself, Head and Deputy Head
  • Nothing is ever her fault
  • Denies everything!
  • Most things are ‘unfair’
  • Very controlling and demanding – will result in meltdown
  • Worries about silly things ie most recently the class was told that one of the children would be wearing an eye patch the following day –  worried all of that evening and the following morning, stating it was ‘scary’– still current ie ‘what will happen if..?’
  • Stated recently that she was ‘worried’ about going back to school because she ‘didn’t know who her new teacher would be and if she was going to be nice’
  • Often comes across as the parent and will state house rules to older sister on my behalf – despite me being present – still current and will even dictate to me including in an aggressive manner – total disregard to hierarchy  – will also pull adults up on their incorrect gramma
  • Will regularly sabotage things for me ie will deliberately wet my clothing I intend to put on once I have showered – soaking of bedroom carpet recently – including will deliberately pee on bedroom carpet to get a reaction or in defiance
  • Other sabotage examples – will offer me a crisp but would have deliberately put fluff on it or dropped it on the floor first (done in a calm manner). Has thrown my bedding on the floor which I discovered when I went to bed – also now includes trashing her sisters room deliberately if sent to room due to behaviours (external locks have now been fitted)
  • Often will refuse to follow instruction ie get up/get dressed/put shoes on etc and will totally ignore a question or when being called for – this will result in a meltdown if it is an instruction that can’t be ignored and is time boundaried – happens on a daily basis
  • Often hides in a cupboard and ignore you even when you have opened cupboard and trying to have a conversation with her
  • Has recently refused to get out of the car on arrival at school – took 20mins to get to the right frame of mind to co-operate
  • When having a meltdown, if timed right, will calm quicker by having her hair stroked or back patted– still current however if timed wrong, she has stated ‘what you stroking my f***ing hair for, I’m not a baby!’
  • Often gasps if she hears someone say ‘shut up’ or ‘oh my god’, but thinks nothing of swearing continuously whilst having a meltdown– now not only in meltdown
  • Will dominate everything and is very persistent ie if she has asked me to do something for her then she will continue to ask repetitively and I continuously tell her that I will do it in my own time and not when she dictates – is very controlling
  • Obsessed by natural disasters ie the water aid advert (didn’t like to watch this)
  • Has recently deliberately shown Head teacher and other professionals the bruising on my arms (caused by biting) and appears pleased by this
  • Will never accept the word ‘no’ (even if alternative terminology is used) – will keep on and on and try to negotiate a way to make her request/demand happen – usually resulting in verbal abuse (and/or meltdown) when she finally realises the answer it not going to change or her demand not met 


  • Has always generally had ‘something in her mouth’ – and does random things likes licks practically everything ie trolley if shopping, apparently licked a peer’s head band at school (CS) – licking my clothing – licking shower rack. Additionally, will often ask ‘if I swallow this (random item ie a pen) ‘what will happen?’
  • Is very particular about clothing – doesn’t like the ‘feel’ of jeans (never has done) – has had recent meltdowns about shoes ‘not feeling right’ and/or seam of tights/socks irritating her – often will get changed several times until it ‘feels right’ regularly changes clothing ie 3-6 times whilst getting into school uniform (blouse/socks/dress/shoes can all be wrong several times over) – needs constant prompting to complete simple tasks ie getting dressed – have recently bought ‘seamless socks’– still current and is also extremely worried (panicked) about ‘getting stuck in clothes’ so therefore wardrobe is limited as to what she will wear and she will often wear the same thing for days
  • Does not like close contact including when being challenged about her behaviour – also not just when being challenged
  • Does not like people being in her ‘personal space’
  • Depending on mood, can be hyper sensitive ie some days doing her hair is fine and other days can be really distressing and apparently painful – still current (but more often than not is now painful) – however hair bands have to be really tight and always wears a head band (even in bed) and usually wears two at a time – but most days doing hair is an issue
  • Picks at skin (has done for 3yrs now)
  • Chews big toe nails excessively and at every opportunity
  • Noise can be an issue ie wouldn’t go and play in area at McD’s because it was ‘too noisy’
  • Likes to scratch the page of a book whilst reading and when asked why she is doing it, she states ‘because I don’t like it’ – randomly scratches things ie walls, leaflets anything really
  • Will often hold ears including if ‘noise’ is getting too much or even if I correct a word whilst reading a story, she wants to speak and others are talking– still current and also covers ears if it is something that she doesn’t want said to her
  • Will avoid doing her teeth at every opportunity– still current and showering is also an issue
  • Have to cross the road if something is too noisy ie someone drilling outside a house
  • Over sensitive to smells
  • Won’t eat toast even if slightly over done – will state it’s burnt
  • Will avoid changing underwear/socks and would wear for days if not checked


  • Has historically had obsessions with individuals ie Harry Styles, an ex boyfriend of her sister, a boyfriend of a friend of her sister, friend of a friend
  • Goes through obsessions ie doing hair styling on Girl’s World following You Tube instructions/colouring/mathletics on laptop currently very obsessed about her own hair, has to be done right/brushed regularly/look right (gets very upset if there is a hair out of place)
  • Collecting toilet roll inserts
  • With illness – daily complains of something, always asking ‘what will happen if a swallow this’ ie pen, hama beads – followed by a dozen questions ie ‘will I have to go to hospital?’, ‘will I have an operation?’, ‘how many stitches will I need?’, ‘will the person doing operation wear glasses?’, ‘how much will it bleed?’ etc
  • Fantasy plays a massive part in daily activities and she sometimes truly believes that she is a character ie believed she was playing Juliet at school in the Romeo and Juliet play (total fabrication)
  • Further recent obsessions have been around (fantasy) parties ie at the end of term (July) she spent hours making paper chains (two bin liners full), making food/invite lists, blowing up balloons etc – will fully ‘arrange’ a party for inappropriate things ie sister’s friend who had stayed a couple of nights apparently needed a ‘leaving party’
  • Other fantasy obsessions (having watched Annie the musical), she went through a phase of cleaning (particularly my bedroom) until I went to bed


  • Takes things literally ie when snuggled in bed, Me: ‘ahh cosy Joe’, K: ‘I’m not Joe, my name’s K…..’ – ‘really’?, ‘for real life’?
  • Me: you are pushing my buttons and that means you will get into trouble (wouldn’t eat nicely) K: You haven’t got a button!
  • On the toilet – K: I’ve done a poo and a wee, Me: how did you wipe?, K: well for a poo from the back and for a wee, from the front, Me: I meant how did you wipe as I thought we had run out of toilet paper


  • Obsessed by routine/time, always needs to know ‘what is happening tomorrow’ or ‘in how many minutes’
  • Will have structured routines ie will shower, put pj’s on then brush teeth (may just be normal but if asked to do it in a different way, will comment on what she ought to be doing next – (now she will say, ‘no, I do my teeth last’ and gets angry) does not get overly anxious though about changes in routine when in the right mood – but this changed and routines have to be continuely mixed up particularly at bedtime in the hope that she will actually have a shower and even more so, do her teeth (teeth is a big issue)
  • Everything has to be in its place ie shoes, doors closed (sister’s bedroom and mine), things lined up, bedroom spotless – ie had melt down because the shoe cupboard was a mess – unable to put hers away (in her mind), cried uncontrollably
  • Had melt down post holiday (Aug 14) as felt that she was ‘not used to it here’ (home) and that made it ‘difficult’ and ‘strange’­– still current, recent holiday was very difficult out there as ‘everything was different’
  • Notices the smallest of change ie sister must have had friends stay over whilst we were away but K instantly noticed that ‘something was different’ and it turned out that her duvet was upside down and her full length mirror had been pulled out a bit and not at same angle on floor
  • States random things ie ‘Grandma has done something really bad and made the house look different’ – when my mum swept up around the outside bins over Xmas
  • Time oriented – needs to know when everything is happening ie how long/how many minutes ( ie lunch is in an hour – ‘ooh that’s 60 mins’) – ‘how many calories?’, ‘how many miles can you go on this road (ie mph)?’, used by dates are also obsessive
  • Obsessed with ‘clearing up’ ie if one of the others has left a glass on the table
  • Obsessed with closing additional doors/draws/putting things ‘straight’ ie someone else’s shoes – she will stop whatever she is doing and immediately put things ‘straight’ – close a door immediately even if you were going to go back through it ie utility door
  • Post dusting her room, she immediately rearranged her things and put them back in place (to the mm) – including straightening them up
  • OCD tendancies have massively escalated and now involves all of the above but also ‘straightening’ everything ie called into downstairs toilet to turn the deodorant canister round so label was straight – she asked me to make sure the toothpaste tube was ‘put back right’ ie the label facing upwards (when asked why this was a problem, K stated ‘because it’s annoying’). Recently found in my bedroom (when I went up) to find that she had put away two lots of clean washing and had polished my room (this was 11pm!)
  • Recently had two friends over for a birthday tea – K was more interested in straightening everything up and laying the table, than playing – friend had to wash hands at kitchen sink even though she stated that she had washed her hands in the toilet
  • Will jump up from eating to straighten bin up or put a pair of shoes straight – increasingly frustrated with ‘having to tidy up’ after sisters

Attention Capacity

  • Can remain focused/on task when on her own (I think as will show products of work/interest whilst being on own) but flits from one thing to another if not alone
  • Can’t remember the last time she sat and watched a film, even a television programme or did some colouring without distraction – recently went to cinema and she either talked, put her hair up/down, turned round, fiddled with clothing, going to the toilet (twice), ate – all the way through the film – will watch a programme/film but will have done many other things whilst watching something
  • Understands instructions, but gets distracted with own thoughts ie I can tell her to get her pj’s on and brush her teeth several times but usually have to state that ‘I am not answering any more questions until you have done what I have asked you to do’ or ‘are you listening, what did I say?’ I then ask her to repeat what she has been asked to do – this statement generally still needs repeating again until the task is completed with encouragement (becoming increasingly apparent and harder to achieve ie having to repeat instruction more and more to get task completed)
  • Easily distracted ie with daily tasks – getting dressed/showering/bed time routine can regularly take an hour/hour and a half
  • Attention span can be an issue ie reading 3 pages of a book recently and during this time she had done 7x additional activities ie changed clothing (twice), brushed hair, collected soft toy
  • Now has new school chart to include targets of ‘staying on task for 5mins and 10mins durations’ – 23.04.15 only managed to stay on task for 5mins once across the whole day and did not manage to stay on task for 10mins at all

Abusive Behaviours

  • ‘Friends’ will not be exempt from negative behaviour when it presents ie hurting others
  • Will destroy another child’s work
  • has recently taken me an hour to get her up/dressed and out the door for school and included a massive meltdown due to refusal to follow instruction (ignoring) – occurs on a regular basis morning and evening (almost daily)
  • Extreme behaviours (when having a meltdown) not appropriate/consistent with age/environmentally influence/upbringing etc  – ie spitting/biting/hitting/punching/screaming/swearing/throwing things/lack of acknowledgement or fear of consequence/exposing herself
  • Lots of ‘I don’t care’ (when in a negative mood) – disrespectful comments like ‘don’t you listen’, ‘hello, can you hear me’, ‘hello, are you f***ing listening to me?’ – hurtful comments like ‘I hate you’, ‘you’re an idiot’, ‘I don’t want to live here anymore’, ‘you f***ing woman/child’, ‘I’m going to f***ing kill/punch you/chop your head off’, ‘I will threaten you’, ‘I don’t want you as a Mum’. Recently said to her sister, ‘I hope you die of cancer at 32’, ‘I’m going to f***ing clean your mum’s bits out’ – very disturbing comments
  • Even when not having a meltdown, regularly says ‘f***ing shut up’ to me– still current, I get a constant barrage of verbal abuse on a daily basis
  • Finds abusive behaviours ie spitting in my face increasingly amusing and has also recently smirked when she showed a professional (CDT) the bruise on my upper arm
  • Will have a whole conversation on her own including (again if in a negative mood) she will scream, ‘go away’, ‘leave me alone’ – when no-one is near her or said anything– still current and has recently told me to ‘shut up’ (unprovoked) but immediately said ‘oops, sorry’
  • Can never explain why she has behaved in the way she has – ‘I don’t know’ or just ‘because’ – often now states it’s ‘because I can’t help it’ – can now sometimes say, ‘it’s because I got angry’ but still often denies things known to be true
  • Will screw a piece of work up/drawing/writing if not perfect – school and at home and throw equipment
  • From Oct 14, increasingly physically aggressive with adults (previously verbal only but generally has been physically and verbally aggressive to peers) – includes hitting/kicking/scratching/biting me (30.03.15 and 01.04.15 biting incidents, resulting in both my forearms being bruised for a fortnight– still current and has escalated – bruising is almost constant due to 3-5 incidents of biting per week), threatening a supporting adult with a chair, throws things at the teacher– still current (Head and Deputy Head are also victims of physical aggression on a regular basis)
  • Meltdowns can be so extreme at bedtime that physical restraint is required to calm her/stop her hurting herself or me (mainly me) or being destructive ie pulling down curtains– still current (to prevent physical harm – have also recently had to have her bedroom door reinforced due to damage caused by throwing things at the door) – still current and not only confined to bedtime
  • Recently bitten, kicked, punched, scratched and hit– regularly happens (I class it as respite when its not on a daily basis)
  • Recently biting herself in anger – previously questioned why when she bites me it bruises but doesn’t when she does it to herself– still current and has recently hit herself with a hair brush when unable to get knots out (but refused help)
  • Behaviours so extreme in class, the other children were ‘evacuated’ as she was throwing everything in sight  – still current however, since July 2015 has been in isolation with 2:1 (despite this, had a further 5 days exclusion as of mid July 2015) – further exclusions (including a permanent that was rescinded) and now been taken out of school due to safety and welfare reasons
  • Recently threatened me (in a menacing way) with objects ie the loft hatch hook and iron – regularly throws things with no fear of consequence or injury– still current and will throw heavy objects directly at you
  • Very controlling/demanding and threatening behaviours ie with the loft hatch threat, she was stood on the top floor landing threatening me with it stating ‘I told you to go down stairs, now f***ing do it!’
  • Disturbing calculated dangerous behaviours ie after a 2hr difficult bed time, calmly called for me from the top floor. After a couple of times me just saying ‘good night’, she launched helium balloon down the stairwell (heavily weighted) – luckily it was a big balloon and got stuck half way down as would have caused damage had it hit me on the head
  • Had to recently be restrained in school due to lashing out at Deputy Head and one other
  • Received a weeks’ exclusion on 05.06.15 for trashing the classroom (regular occurrence) and throwing books at the Head teacher (which hit her) – Head chose not to restrain as she ‘has seen the injuries caused to me’
  • Meltdowns in public are on the increase ie 20.09.15 – threw sausage bap on the floor at sister’s 10k run event, because she didn’t like the sausages and wanted me to buy her a cheeseburger instead – when I refused to buy something different it resulted in shoving me, spitting, tongue sticking out and getting as far away from me as possible – had to grab arm as refused to hold hands crossing the road and was dangerous


  • Always comparing ie ‘have I got the longest hair’ or ‘am I the oldest’ etc
  • Often runs off ie will never walk beside me when going into town, runs off whilst in the supermarket
  • Is a perfectionist – will tear up work that ‘isn’t right’
  • Often doesn’t like to be corrected ie whilst reading – historically torn or thrown books if corrected
  • Will always interrupt a conversation continuously – always has done despite being taught from a very young age that it is rude to interrupt
  • Over past 3 weeks she will ignore instruction and/or point blank non verbally refuse ie get out of bed (and rest of morning routine) and the same happens at bedtime. Will either pretend to be asleep, run off and hide (recently locked herself in downstairs toilet), sit on floor and refuse to move
  • Has received 7x internal and external exclusions (excluding lunchtime and break time exclusions) in last 12 weeks – plus another day’s external exclusion and a full week’s exclusion (08.06.15 – 12.06.15) – further 5 days exclusion (16.06.15-22.06.15) which was then changed to permanent exclusion. On Day 5 of permanent exclusion, it was rescinded and turned into a fixed term. 01.07.15 – back in school but off of curriculum and in own room with 2:1 adult support. Further 5 day exclusion 15.07.15 (with last 0.5 day being carried forward to new term 04.09.15) – following an incident at reintegration on 04.09.15  and subsequent incident on Mon 07.09.15 within half an hour of being at school, has now been removed from school (awaiting specialist placement)

Random Comments

  • 18.01.15 – Me: come on you need to do your teeth and get washed, K: ok ok I need to do my skirt first (pulling on)..can’t go to school like a lunatic can I..even though I am a lunatic
  • 25.04.15 – K: Will M (a friend of mine) see your arm?, Me: probably, why what do you think she will say?, K: don’t know, Me: I think she will say, oh my goodness what happened to you?, K: (smiled), Me: do you get upset when you hurt me?, K: no, why?, Me: because if I hurt you I would get upset, K: why?, Me: because it’s not nice to hurt people, K: ha, yeah right

Historic Behaviours

  • Will scratch, hit herself in anger
  • Extreme anger/temper tantrums – ie even as a small child would throw things including a drink cup/bottle in the car nearly breaking the windscreen
  • Can ‘switch’ mood in a nano second
  • Extreme verbal and physical aggression both in school and at home
  • Food has always been high priority
  • Difficulties toilet training (including not being dry at night until post 5yrs)
  • Always wanting to be ‘first’
There was so much going on!

So as you can see it was a very very long list and these were all behaviours that concerned me prior to any diagnosis! A lot to take in right?

My daughter was subsequently diagnosed, at this stage, with ‘Autism with features consistent with Pathological Demand Avoidance’.

If you can relate to some of these (naturally every child is different) then I would highly recommend that you compile your own list, take it to your GP and request a referral to CAMHS.



  1. March 16, 2019 / 4:14 pm

    WOW I thought my daughter was bad but no where near as bad as yours ( yet ). I just wanted to say your not alone I’m thinking of you and hope you get the help you need for your daughter.

    • March 18, 2019 / 11:46 am

      Hi Tracey

      Apologies for the delay in my response but it’s been a tricky weekend! Ahh thank you so much for your lovely supportive comments, it’s much appreciated! These were pre diagnosis behaviours written approx 6/7yrs ago, I will be doing a follow up one day to include where we are now and the list has got even longer! How old is your daughter? Do you mind me asking what (if any) diagnoses she has? x

  2. Marie
    March 17, 2019 / 11:49 am

    Thank you for this list, it is so informative and something I often wish people would write about! My son is 6 and has been given a working diagnosis of adhd but I am pushing for an ASD assessment as I feel that’s a better fit. So many of the behaviours you listed are things I see in him and everyone else seems to think it’s a parenting issue or attention seeking 🙁

    • March 18, 2019 / 11:54 am

      Hi Marie

      Thank you very much for your comment and I’m so pleased this was useful to you! If your son is displaying similar behaviours and you have a working diagnosis then I would strongly advise (in the nicest sense) that you make a similar list to take to the professionals. I found it a really useful tool as there was no possible way I could remember all of this when asked ‘how are things?’. Thinking it’s a parenting issue is so so common and VERY unhelpful! I truly hope you are listened to and good luck with the ASD assessment! x

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