A little bit about us

I am a single mum of three beautiful girls. My eldest two are from my marriage, which sadly came to an end when they were just 6yrs and 8yrs. My youngest was a happy result of a second relationship but unfortunately that came to an abrupt end when she was just 14mths old. Finding myself now a single mum of a 12yr, 10yr and 14mth old, I thought to myself, ‘sh**!’ – how am I going to cope? After having a little (probably not so little) moment and a very long chat with myself, I thought ‘I’ve got this!’ – I have to, have got this, for the sake of my beautiful girls. I’ve done this lone parenting once so I can do it again.

My eldest two girls chose, with good reason, not to have contact with their father for approximately six years. My youngest sadly only had contact with her father until she was three, before he vanished off the face of the earth it seems. But hey, girl power! Hats off to all you lone parenting fathers out there too. Not many people ever enter into the world of being a parent knowing that they may be faced with doing it alone do they? However, this was the position I found myself in (twice) and it was one of those sink or swim moments, and guess what, I starting swimming!

As I have already mentioned in my first blog, my older two girls are ‘neurotypical’, this is the posh word for ‘not having any difficulties/additional needs’ and a term that is widely used in the Autism community. However, my youngest is NOT neurotypical and this is the main reason why I have a story to share.

It was two/three years ago when I first thought of blogging about our journey. At this time, aged just 7yrs, my youngest had already been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). However, there were other presentations that concerned me which I couldn’t, in my mind (and however hard the professionals at the time tried), get to fit neatly into the ASD/PDA box.

There appears to be a wide range of amazing blogs about PDA, however, whilst PDA has been a massive part of our journey, for us there is so much more.